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The Owner

IWe came to Alaska in 1968 and retired from the Anchorage School District in 1990. In the mid 1970s a friend of mine brought me to Lowell Point on a wet dreary December day with a vision. The 1964 earthquake had killed most of the trees with just a few still alive. With in a year we had both purchased properties and my friend started building a cabin. We got started working on the property on weekends, first living in a tent then a small 10 x 16 cabin and by 1999 started the home we presently live in. Much work has gone into our beach property including hauling in rock to build a sea wall to keep us safe from the some of the unpredictable tides. In 2005 we decided to start our dream project and start work on the Yurt, we wanted to share  the beauty and view of the bay and Mountains. Since 2006 guests from all over the world have enjoyed the novelty of staying in the yurt.We look forward to having you as our guest in the future. 

George Walker

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